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Jim “Big Money” Rowland – $2 Million Price Tag for KC Pride

Friday, December 31st, 2010

It’s awfully early for Jim Rowland to hit the panic button in his slipping mayoral campaign, but yesterday he panicked and accused Mayor Funkhouser of “hypocrisy” because Funkhouser expressed his happiness that the Chiefs made it to the playoffs. The accusation stems from Funkhouser’s refusal to support an annual $2 million dollar donation the city has made to the stadiums. (The donation was nice when the city had lots of money, but tough times have made the gift-giving unwise and irresponsible.)

Rowland, of course, was the backroom choice to run the Sports Authority, which runs the stadiums.

According to Rowland’s tortured logic, you need to pay $2 million to have pride in anything good that happens in KC. I suppose that he’s accustomed to such a system, since he himself had to pay Freedom, Inc. $50,000 to get them to support him. Everything has a price tag for Jim Rowland, and it’s pretty obvious our city can’t afford his open-checkbook approach to leadership.