Musical Update – Seeing Sharon Jones and the Dap-Tones LIVE! + Valerie June

Several weeks ago, Robin and I reviewed Give the People What They Want. We both loved it, and relished the energy of the album.

WOW! we journeyed to Lawrence’s Liberty Hall last night to see the group rock the stage, and they delivered. The brass was sharp, and had good dance moves. The Dap-ettes were fantastic, and opened with their own number. The whole show was tight – even the dancers pulled out of the audience on a few numbers were tremendous!

(My first cinematic posting.)

But the show was Sharon Jones. It’s hard to believe that she was getting treated for pancreatic cancer a year ago – the woman is a dancing, moving, high-voltage machine! She bounced around the stage like Richard Simmons on meth, and still had the lungs to belt songs out of the park. Amazing.

Valerie June opened, and she was great, too. Such a powerful voice, and tremendous charisma. She was at her best when it was just her – a string instrument and a voice.

If you get a chance to see either (or both) of these performances, just do it.

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