Brew Day Sunday

It looks like the temperature is going to be sunny and over freezing on Sunday, so it is time to fire up the brew pots and make my first beer of 2013. The last time I was at Bacchus and Barleycorn, Alberta had me taste some of their new coffee malt, imported from England. There’s no actual coffee involved – it is a dark-roasted barley malt that tastes a bit like a good, rich coffee. I want to try putting some in my award-winning porter recipe, for a nice dark beer to serve at our Mardi Gras party in February.

If anyone wants to come over and participate in a brew day (which means pretty much standing around and looking at a kettle boil while sipping on a little homebrew), just let me know.

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  1. les says:

    Yay, controversy! We can argue about whether the boil is rolling, right?!? All this poetry stuff is fine for you panty waist liberals, but it’s way over my head…

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