Ann Romney, “You People”, and John McCain

Ann Romney committed a rhetorical blunder when she protested that “We’ve given all ‘you people’ you need to know”, but, in and of itself, the use of the inartful term “you people” is a minor blip of the sort that hyper-partisans like to scream about but normal people shrug off.

Smarter people will keep their eye on the ball. The Romneys have released ONE year of taxes to the American people, after giving John McCain TWENTY THREE years of tax forms when they were being vetted for the VP position.

Why does the rich republican get 23 years, and we get 1? When he wants a job from a 1%er, he’s generous with the info, but when he wants a job from the unwashed American populace, it’s none of our business. There’s a big difference between “one of us” and “you people”.

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  1. wkb says:

    C’mon. Yes, the release of tax returns is a legitimate issue. Romney should just release them even though they have nothing to do with how well he might do as chief exec. More sound bite, hot button politics. This is a very good job by Obama of trying to take the focus off the terrible economy, etc., and the slowness in releasing tax returns only fuels the fire. (I say “slowness” because I predict we will ultimate see them.)

    However, your use of the terms “rich” and “1%er” are disappointing. Since when is it bad to be rich? I always thought we were supposed to work hard and try to better ourselves. Can we start hammering folks because they are poor, too?

  2. gonemild says:

    WKB – I tried to find a number for you this week to see if you wanted to play Minor Park this morning, but wound up filling the 4some. Let’s do that sometime.

    Anyhow, do you honestly think that Romney’s shielding of his wealth from us but revealing it to a guy who can’t remember how many houses he has DOESN’T suggest a double-standard in their thinking?

  3. Simply Simple says:

    Thoughts on endorsements please

  4. Jim says:

    The answer is pretty clear:

    Romney is not likely to gain votes by releasing additional tax returns. He is likely to lose some votes by releasing them. As such, he probably won’t release them.

    The returns were filed with the IRS (the agency responsible for making sure he pays the taxes he is legally obligated to pay).

  5. gonemild says:

    Could be. Personally, I think he’s going to lose a ton of undecideds because of his secrecy. We’ll see in November. I’m feeling pretty good about November.

  6. Anon 1234 says:

    Thoughts on KC Star Endorsements Please.

  7. Phil Cardarella says:

    Actually, Mitt did NOT release his full 2010return. He carefully omitted the form wherein you list the ANOUNT of money held in foreign accounts.

    There are probably at least two things that are embarrassing: First, there are years wher he paid LESS than the 15%, maybe practically nothing. Second, back in 1999-2002 — when he claimed to be CEO of Bain in name only? The tax code was more favorable to having a higher salary — and we would see what he was being paid to do what he says was nothing. And the business deductions he got to take — probably including planes, horses, etc.

    Also, his major contributors would be PO’d if we all got a look into how they avoided taxes. Must not let the peasants peek behind the curtain. “You people” relally don’t need to know that!

  8. Phil Cardarella says:

    My form should be awaiting editing for my dislexic fingers!

  9. craig says:

    This came out way too early to be of any help in November. By August 1st the Romney campaign needs to start comparing anyone who asks about his tax returns to birthers.

  10. gonemild says:

    Imaginative, Craig, but by November I think that Romney will just decide to hold on to his tax returns and get ready to return to vulture capitalism for a living.

  11. craig says:

    Nice talking point with the “vulture capitalism” comment Dan. But I think come November, Obama will be ready to go back to organizing communities.
    I could take the time to go back and check, but don’t we have a gentlemans bet on that?

  12. gonemild says:

    I believe we do. And, honestly, there are few things more wasteful than two brilliant minds like ours trying to outbluff each other on what the result in November will be. Like I say, I’m feeling powerfully confident, and I accept that you are, as well. Until the votes got counted, it’s just noise.

  13. craig says:

    You are right Dan, our time would be better spent talking about beer. Since it has been so stinking hot lately I haven’t been able to enjoy any dark beers, but have been pleasantly suprised by Leinenkugel Summer Shanty and Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy. Both are being sold in cans during the summer so I can drink them @ the pool.
    I am open to any other summer beer suggestions.

  14. craig says:

    Can I call it or what? Thanks to Harry Reed for officially jumping the shark on the faux tax return issue. In one idiotic speech on the Senate floor he equated all questions about Romneys taxes to birtherism.

  15. gonemild says:

    Oh, Craig, you’re cracking me up. It must be so comforting to you to believe that, but it’s just not true. Reid has raised a legitimate question and the more that the Repubs act like it’s not, the more the pressure builds on them to prove they’re right. And Romney won’t do it, perhaps because he didn’t pay taxes.

  16. craig says:

    Harry Reid already was a replica of Pat Geary from Godfather 2, now he is acting as crazy as Sherrif Joe. Must be something about the desert heat. Say what you want about it being legitimate Dan, but Reid jumped off the crazy bridge this time.

  17. gonemild says:

    It’s cute that you think so, but I suspect he was told exactly what he says he was told, and Romney refuses to release his taxes for some strange reason that is unlikely to be a positive for his campaign. You can call Harry Reid crazy but Romney’s the one making it all possible. Personally, I suspect that he claimed tax deductions for the souls that his religion baptizes against peoples’ wishes, but I can’t claim that anybody from Bain told me that.

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