First World Problems – Staying in Nice Hotels

I arrived home yesterday evening after 12 nights on the road through the South, staying in hotels of varying quality, as selected by William Shatner and his friends at Priceline. (I love bidding for hotel rooms, and usually can find a high-end hotel in the center of everything for under $70.)

There was much to love. The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta had Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA in the lobby bar. The Sheraton in Dallas had charming Amish children playing on escalators. The Hyatt Regency in Houston had sumptuous bedding. All of them had well-decorated lobbies and friendly staff eager to call me by my name and meet my every need.

So why do they charge for internet service? One of them even charged a higher rate for faster service – you could get regular service for $11.99, but faster service for $16.99. The time has come for hotels that purport to cater to business travelers to step into the 21st Century and stop using internet connectivity as a way to gain an extra sawbuck of pure profit. The cheaper hotels I stayed in all had free internet, plus a free breakfast, but nice hotels didn’t.

Oh, and another thing. Stop providing diaphanous toilet paper to your guests. Not cool.

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  1. les says:

    Ah, so the absence is explained. Poopin’ and intertubin’ in the lap of luxury. Nice work, if you can get it. Welcome back.

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