My New Favorite Blog

I can’t help it about this here blog. I try to be thoughtful and calm, I search for the affirming and positive, I hope to bring more warmth than heat – and then I start typing and words like “knucklehead” and “seductive form of idiocy” and “straight-up coward” charge onto the screen, and we’re all left with something less than gentle. I really do have kind impulses, but . . .

Deliberate Obfuscation is the yin to my yang. I rarely even mention my wife on this blog – it’s not the sort of environment she enjoys – but she has started her own blog, and, like everything else she does, I can see that it will be done with discipline, gentleness and charm.

We’ve been married 30 years, and been together as a couple for about 33 and 1/3. (People our age will recognize that as a record speed, from the days of vinyl.) I know the lady fairly well. I’ve known her since she was 18 – I can’t even do the math of how many dinner conversations we’ve had, how many breakfast musings, even how many actual letters and cards we’ve exchanged. I like to think I know her playbook; that she’s out of surprises.

But she’s not. No wonder we don’t complete each others’ sentences. I still love her voice, and want to hear things in her words.

Her blog is already good, and I know it’s going to continue to surprise and impress. She did a really nice post about listening to an old doctor tell stories from his youth, and she managed to keep the focus on the importance of listening, rather than simply recounting the tales. She does that a lot – thinks a little more and goes a little deeper than you’d expect.

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  1. Super Dave says:

    Have check out her thoughts.

  2. Jim says:

    I know what it is awesome!

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