Occupy Wall Street’s Envelopes

One of my favorite activists forwarded an email about using Wall Street’s business reply envelopes against them.  Whenever you receive a prepaid envelope from a bank, don’t throw it away!  Instead, mail it back to the bank, so they have to pay the postage.  If you have the time, include a note or something.

9 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street’s Envelopes”

  1. kcmeesha says:

    it’s amazing how unoriginal and uninventive these people are. This thing with postage prepaid envelopes has been around for years, I’ve done it for a long time years ago until I decided that walking to the mailbox takes too much effort. obviously banks don’t give a crap about these things, they won’t read the notes or examine wood shingles. but if it helps with exercise and keeps post office in business – knock yourself out.

  2. gonemild says:

    How shocking that you would have a world-weary, cynical, smug view of people taking action, however minor, to express their views!

  3. emawkc says:

    Yay for slacktivism!

    I have a better idea for how to join the protest. If you have an account with Bank of America or JP Morgan or Citigroup or Wells Fargo or any other giant “too big to not get a handy by the government” bank, take all your money out and put it into a respectable local bank like Commerce.

  4. gonemild says:

    That is a great suggestion, Emaw, and I’ve always banked locally. Don’t forget credit unions, too – I have found the service at my credit union (Missouri Central) to be over-the-top.

  5. kcmeesha says:

    sorry, I don’t agree that every action is usefull. here is a more scientific explanation of the stupidity of this particular action from a credible source.

    for equally effective action I suggest walking up to a federal reserve and kicking the building multiple times.

  6. gonemild says:

    Meesha – I’ll agree with you that not every action is useful, and I’ll agree that this is not going to bring the banks to their knees. But it will cost them a little money, which is a language they do understand. That’s where your link misses the point.

  7. kcmeesha says:

    If banks cared about these postage expenses they wouldn’t send me 1-5 pieces of mail every day,and like I mentioned above, at one time I thought it was a fun way to stick it to the bank. I just don’t care for
    “slacktivism” (thanks Emaw), the guy in the video acts like he just invented this idea and comments under the video like “amazing” or “genius” make me think these people are clueless.

  8. gonemild says:

    Meesha – Perhaps I’m crazy, but I’m pretty confident that the banks do care about expenses, and that if they see an uptick in their mailing expenses, they will notice. I do agree, however, that the idea is not novel – I used to mail back the stupid drop-out cards from magazines as my own protest years ago.

  9. Nick says:

    i’ve done a turn on this for years; go to the post office and get a bunch of priorty mail enevlopes. glue the return envelope onto them as they stack up in the house then leave for mailman to collect. i don’t know exactly how much priorty mail is anymore but i’m will to bet it’s more than .46 cents or whatever. i never bother stuffing them with anything as i use the original contents as fireplace kindling…

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