Bock Beers

Tonight, I’m hosting a bunch of my Kansas City Plaza Rotary friends in a beer tasting.  We’ll be focusing on the Bock familyMaibock, Traditional Bock, Doppelbock and Eisbock.  (We did Weissbock a couple months ago when we tasted a range of wheat beers.)  I’m looking forward to tasting the most under-appreciated class of beers in the beer world.

I consider them under-appreciated because they really ought to be one of the most popular styles around, yet they are hard to find.  (Don’t mention that crap that Shiner makes – it’s not a bock at all, and it’s fit only for Texas Rangers fans.)  Even a well-stocked store is unlikely to have all 4 varieties.  Their absence is surprising because they are enjoyable, malty beers with a lot of rich flavors.

I’ll post more after the tasting, but if you’re looking for some good fall companions, bocks rank right up there with Oktoberfests as the beers to be drinking.

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  1. les says:

    So, Mr. Smarty, where can you find ‘em? And welcome back to the intertrons.

  2. gonemild says:

    I managed to find them all at Lukas, but I bought out all they had of traditional bock, and, perhaps, Maibock. Though it is brewed with ale yeast, Rogue’s Dead Guy ale is a good approximation of maibock (as is Boss Tom’s from Boulevard when it is out). Doppelbocks are pretty common – look for a high-alchohol beer ending in “ator”, like Optimator or Celebrator. For a traditional bock, look for Einbecker Ur-Bock Dunkel – that’s about the only one I’ve seen around. Eisbock is also pretty common – I found some at Lukas, and I’m sure they have it at Gomer’s and Royal.

    We’ll probably have some leftovers at poker.

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