KC Political Nastiness – Who’s Covering for Whom?

[UPDATE: According to a piece published at the Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz, Jim Bergfalk has explained that he does not appear on the ethics disclosure because he did the despicable last-minute mailing as a citizen exercising his free-speech rights for free Thanks to Dave Helling for tracking the info down. No thanks to Bergfalk for trying to drag a rare high-road campaign into the gutter. And shame on the labor groups for paying to spread Bergfalk's bile into my mailbox.]

Who was behind the repulsive anti-Burke flier that went out just before the KC Mayoral election?

Jim Bergfalk claimed he did it, in a piece written by Dave Helling. He said that the money came from labor groups.

Oddly enough, the MEC reports filed by the falsely-named “Committee for Integrity” confirm that labor paid for the slimy hit pieces (specifically, the Heavy Labor Construction Fund and the Operating Engineers Federal [?] PAC), but Bergfalk’s fingerprints are nowhere to be found. Instead, the money trail leads to The Lazarus Group.

Now, why would Jim Bergfalk claim responsibility for a mailer that came from someone else?

I honestly don’t know.

But I do know that the hasty “admission” came when Dave Helling was following up on this blog’s story that former king-maker Jim Nutter was a major donor to the “Committee for Integrity”.

It’s passing strange what comes out when you start kicking around the secretive committees and money streams that fuel the backroom deals of local politics.

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  1. You neighbor says:

    Dan – now you are jumping to conclusions and posting without doing the least bit of research a la TKC? I am disappointed in you. The Lazarus Group is a creative agency that does web development and mailing and printing – they are just a hired hand – you should know that, or it would have been easy to look up. This is like accusing Kinko’s of illegal posting for the latest house party advertised on the Student Union at UMKC.

  2. gonemild says:

    It’s refreshing to see someone so unfettered by knowledge!

    I know the Lazarus Group, and have worked with them. Fact is, they’re the only ones attached to the brochure. Who got paid for it, if not Lazarus? And why does it not show up in the reports? Why isn’t Bergfalk on the reports if he claims to have done it?

  3. You neighbor says:

    Okay – we are not communicating here – The Lazarus Group is irrelevant – it could have just as easily been Kinko’s, correct? If Bergfalk claims responsibility, which I happen to believe, there really is no place for that to be documented on the MEC Reports – unless you want to call Lazarus and ask him who hired him to produce the mailer, which I am sure he could (but may not choose to) confirm. How does this relate to whether Bergfalk is telling the truth or not?

  4. gonemild says:

    Perhaps we are talking about different things. Lazarus is certainly capable of creating a damning brochure, if paid to do it. But, I agree with you, they tend to simply be the printer and distributor (in which case, they still deserve opprobrium for their behavior). Now, if Bergfalk was paid for his slimy behavior, and we both know he was, who paid him? Why does he not appear on the “Committee for Integrity” expenditure log?

  5. Your neighbor says:

    Perhaps Bergfalk is telling the truth – that the money that came from Nutter and Committee for Integrity was spent on Deb’s campaign as was reported in the Star, and the money for the negative mailer came from The Heavies and the Operating Engineers PAC – why is that hard to believe? Is there any proof otherwise? I understand why you want to know who paid Bergfalk – that may be an issue for campaign finance reporting reform.

  6. gonemild says:

    Well, sure, neighbor, if you are willing to entertain all kinds of crazy theories like a political consultant telling the truth, well, who can imagine what really is happening? ;-)

    I (perhaps mistakenly) believe that if Bergfalk was paid for his services in producing the piece of slime he claims to have produced for the Committee for Integrity, then he should appear on that Committee’s expenditure list, just as Lazarus Group does. I’ll admit to some naivete in this area – my experience in being paid for political intrigue is, alas, sharply limited.

    I do believe that the money came from the labor groups I named in the original posting – I just want to know where Jim “Fred Phelps” Bergfalk comes in, and who paid him.

  7. doc says:

    Don’t underestimate the role ego played in this. Bergfalk ran Hermann’s campaign in an arrogant way that led everyone to believe they were heading to the general election. So much so that they earmarked campaign donations for the general election. Losing as bad as they did probably left some resentment. Bergfalk has been around doing backroom double dealing for over 20 years now. If it turns out there was no actual payment made to him for this mailing, I’m sure there is something in it for him from someone down the road. Best case even if he didn’t get paid is that he participated in character assassination and personally spent thousands of dollars to prove his own degree of character (or lack of) by trying to sway the election. Might not have made the difference, but it’d be nieve to say it didn’t effect some peoples’ votes.

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