5 Reasons to Vote for Sly James – Reason #2: Sly Embraces the Heart of the City, and Won’t Flee His Roots

Sly James lives in Hyde Park. His office is downtown. He grew up at 44th and Montgall, and went to Bishop Hogan High School (now the high-performing Hogan Preparatory Academy). He went to Rockhurst University. He served on the Board of Operation Breakthrough, and was President of the Board at Genesis School. His roots in the heart of Kansas City are deep and strong. He lives about 2 miles away from where he grew up.

Mike Burke grew up about 2 miles from Sly, but now he lives a world apart, across the river, in a cozy upper-middle class northern suburb. He fled his roots.

By no means does a home address in the Northland disqualify someone from serving effectively in the Mayor’s office. Lots of great people born and bred in the Northland have contributed hugely to the city we share. And, if you’re paying attention, the Northland is looking more and more like the rest of our city – with a growing population of immigrants and minorities. The river is no longer the barrier it once was.

But, if you roll the clock back a few decades to the time when Burke chose to flee the midtown area, it meant something else entirely. Northland neighborhoods were proud of their “ethnic purity”, and minorities were distinctly unwelcome. Moving north from midtown, a few decades ago, was the equivalent of moving to Johnson County while still holding onto a KCMO residence, which could be helpful for an up-and-coming politically-astute development attorney wanting insider appointments.

Sly James is who he was, and he will remain that person when he becomes Mayor. Mike Burke is a development lawyer who suddenly opposes development on the Plaza, but we have no idea where he and his insider buddies will decide to plan when the winds of political expediency change. Mike Burke has fled his development roots (and we’re supposed to believe him?). You just can’t count on someone who ran a clean campaign until he realized he was losing, and then unleashed attack ads through old insiders like Jim Nutter.

In contrast, Sly has announced clearly and strongly the standards that need to be met to gain his approval. He won’t flee his political roots of rational, unifying decision-making.

Sly has deep roots in the heart of our community. He has deep roots in standing up for what he believes in. He has deep roots in clean campaigning and unifying rather than dividing. It’s who he is.

Sly won’t flee his roots. Never has, won’t now, never will. That’s why he has my vote.

Update: I had no sooner hit “publish” on this post than I received a slimy flier from the ironically named “Citizens for Integrity”, going very negative on Mike Burke – at least as negative as the TV add that Burke’s supporters used against James. I really do try to be fair, so, unless someone can prove to me that Burke had control over the message of the TV advertisement, I shouldn’t blame him for the slime any more than I would blame James for this piece. Third party mailings are the bane of good campaigns.

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3 Responses to “5 Reasons to Vote for Sly James – Reason #2: Sly Embraces the Heart of the City, and Won’t Flee His Roots”

  1. doc says:

    Up to this point the James camp has been the only campaign to directly issue negative content up to this point. First, the Funkhouser commercial. Then, the response to the Nutter commercial attacking Burke.

  2. gonemild says:

    Sorry, Doc, you’re flat-out wrong again. There was no Nutter commercial attacking Burke – Nutter is supporting Burke.

  3. doc says:

    *The negative response was an attack directly from Sly on Burke because of Nutter’s commercial.

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