Should Anne McGregor Resign from the Primary?

Anne McGregor was the first person in the race for the at-large council seat for the 4th District of Kansas City, and she ought to be the first person out. If she truly cares about Kansas City and its residents, she holds the power to give us a chance at solid and effective representation in that seat rather than unwavering support for the economically powerful. She can do that by resigning and encouraging people to support Jim Glover.

Right now, there are 4 people in the race. Two of them seek to represent privilege, and two of them (Glover and McGregor) seek to stand up for Kansas Citians who don’t own hotels or country club memberships. One of the candidates of privilege WILL be one of the two winners of the primary on 2/22, and, if McGregor does not resign and unify behind Glover, we may well get stuck with only the two candidates of privilege in the general election.

John Crawford is far and away the leading candidate in terms of effective campaigning, staggering bankbook and support of every rip-off artist eying the Kansas City budget like a personal piggy bank. The development departments of every major law firm have hosted events for their rapacious clients to meet him. Herb Kohn is on board. Tim Kristl is on board. It’s a rogue’s gallery of the wrong people flexing their economic muscle through a likable but wholly-owned candidate. John Crawford will absolutely get through the primary with a strong plurality of the electorate.

Annie Presley is a Republican who brings big money to the race and a Rolodex that includes the country club set of KC. She’s linked to the Blunt family, and she blogs for The Independent, “Kansas City’s Journal of Society”. She does not seek to represent us – she’s there to represent the hyper-privileged segment of KC WASP society that resents the influence of Catholics and Jews on societal institutions. Money and well-connected friends, though, mean that she could be the second person to make it through the primary, delivering the 4th District At-Large Seat to one of two candidates of privilege.

So, either McGregor or Glover needs to beat Annie Presley and mount a serious challenge to Crawford in the general. If both remain in the race, they may well split the core of voters that don’t live on tax-incentives or trust funds. We have one (kind of slim) chance at getting a representative of the people in that seat, and Jim Glover stands the best chance of being that candidate. Ann McGregor should resign from the race and throw her support behind Jim Glover in a last-ditch effort to save the seat for the people.

McGregor has been in the race since before Beth Gottstein announced she wouldn’t run, and she has failed to harness any popular support. She has demonstrated an inability to sway voters at least twice in the path. Her work for Obama delivered such underwhelming Missouri support that we bucked the democratic trend in 2008, and her noisy and expensive ($30,000 +!) effort to unseat Funkhouser was a colossal failure, after she repeatedly and stridently assured us that it would be successful.

Glover, on the other hand, has won City Council races in the past, and his fresh entrance into the field has given a jolt of hope to those that want to see that seat remain responsive to the people instead of the insiders. He has name recognition that Anne McGruff-McGiver-McWho can only dream about. What he lacks, though, is excitement, and McGregor could generate a bit of that by publicly embracing his campaign and standing up for the people of Kansas City.

The time to make this move is now. The primary election will be held in less than 2 weeks. Will Anne McGregor join up with Jim Glover and help Kansas City, or will she ride her dwindling campaign into the ditch it is headed for, and help Annie Presley?

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  1. Astonished says:

    Dan — Are you serious? The last time you wrote on this topic you were a supporter of Annie Presley. NOW she’s horrible?

    What you just wrote about her being anti-Catholic and anti-Jew was already well known the last time you wrote. Do you actually care about whether anything you write makes any sense? Or if it’s at least consistent?


  2. Anonymous says:

    What will Beth do after her term expires?

  3. Look up the definition of Privilege says:

    Crawford is someone of privilege? That’s stretching truth to the breaking point, Dan.

    Since you are clearly confused, let me give you a check-list to use in the future:
    * Crawford grew up in a blue collar family
    * Crawford and his only brother fought in Vietnam; didn’t seek or get deferments like the privileged (how about YOU, Dan?)
    * Crawford was a union Steelworker before he went to college
    * Crawford is the only one in his family’s lineage (Mother’s side and Father’s side both) ever to go to college.
    * Crawford’s family had no ability to help him pay for college. He paid for it by using the G.I. Bill while he worked a full-time job. He was able to use the G.I. Bill because he served in Vietnam GETTING SHOT AT.
    * Crawford worked in the McGovern campaign to get us out of Vietnam (even was arrested in the largest arrest in Massachusetts history as an anti-war demonstrator)
    * Crawford chose to start his career in economic development by going to the poorest city in the U.S. on the Mexico border.
    * Crawford married the daughter of a migrant farm worker (do you have ANY sense of how NOT privileged that life is, Dan?)
    * Crawford has always been a liberal Democrat, He volunteered in the Obama campaign, and the Kerry campaign before it (he and Kerry were fellow veterans arrested together in Massachusetts)
    * Crawford is a member of the ACLU, and the Sierra Club — in fact he’s endorsed in this Council race by the Sierra Club
    * Crawford doesn’t go on ski trips. He’s never been on skis.
    * Crawford doesn’t belong to a golf club. He’s never golfed; has never owned or even borrowed any clubs.
    * Crawford has never belonged to a tennis club (have YOU, Dan?)
    * Crawford has never “traveled abroad” (except for his tour of duty in Vietnam); have YOU, Dan?
    * Crawford and his wife have two cars between them, both pretty inexpensive American-made cars, both BOUGHT USED. They don’t have a garage for them.

    Dan, everyone is entitled to their own views, and you’re entitled to yours. But CREATING A FICTION should be beneath you (if you still wish to be seen as credible).

  4. gonemild says:

    Astonished – if you honestly thought that a blog post that said that I would support her over Crawford because she would be ineffective, and ended with “Come on, Jim Glover, save us from that choice” meant that I was a supporter – well, you must spend a lot of your time “astonished”. Read more carefully from now on.

    Dictionary lover – Obviously, you know John well, and have confused his likability and compelling history with his political stance. That’s a shame, and exactly the reason we need someone good to stand up to Kohn, Kristl and Kay’s candidate. Why do you think that Kohn, Kristl and Kay are fighting so hard to get him into office? Do you think it’s because he doesn’t ski or play golf? Of course not – it’s because he will turn on the money taps to send crazy money to rapacious developers out to stick the public with a convention hotel downtown and strip malls up north, directing tax dollars away from the urban core and into the pockets of well-connected insiders.

  5. Just the facts, Ma'mm says:

    Both Jim Glover and Anne McGregor have been prominent members of the Rockhill Tennis Club.

    Anne McGregor was President of the Rockhill Tennis Club.

  6. gonemild says:

    The Crawford team seems kind of desperate, using this kind of weak attempt to make Glover and McGregor look like the kind of people Crawford is seeking to represent. I almost went to a Crawford fundraiser, just to see what the inside of the Garney home looks like. It’s pretty clear who the big money is backing.

  7. Kansas City needs Jim Glover.

    check it out, I looked at this website and it actually spells out Glover’s accomplishments, stances and vision on issues very clearly. Only website I’ve seen that does that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Beth has done a great job.

  9. Befuddled says:

    Do you think before you hit “submit”, Dan? I can’t make heads or tails of this nonsense (esp. in the context of the other posts on these candidates you’ve made in the past – see comment #1)

  10. gonemild says:

    It’s not surprising that you are as befuddled as you were when you were astonished. Your IP address shows that you’re the same person.

    Now, explain to me how you misread my prior post on Presley so badly that you honestly thought that a blog post that said that I would support her over Crawford because she would be ineffective, and ended with “Come on, Jim Glover, save us from that choice” meant that I was a supporter.

    The lameness of your arguments encourages me that Glover can defeat Crawford.

  11. Anon says:

    Here’s another reason why she should drop. Her campaign team stinks and as you mentioned took her from an early front runner to a lucky to be 3rd.

  12. [...] (at best) campaign. while Presley has money and the Republican/Tea Party bloc solidly behind her. McGregor should have resigned and endorsed Glover, and Pace never got into the race. My prediction is Crawford 41%, Presley 23%, Glover 21%, McGregor [...]

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