KCMayor.com – Who’s Hiding and Why?

A new website has created a bit of a stir among local political watchers. KCMayor.com claims to be a “web-based format to educate and inform voters on the candidates running for mayor,” created by “civic minded ‘40-50 somethings’ hoping to make a difference in Kansas City.

An anonymous group of middle-aged people wants to educate Kansas City. Hmm – what could possibly go wrong?

An early look at the project raises a few red flags.

They are giving out the wrong date for the primary, telling people to vote on Monday, February 21, instead of Tuesday, February 22. Probably not an attempt to mislead gullible voters, but a sloppy first step for a shadowy group that presumes to “educate and inform” the rest of us.

More substantively, they are mislabeling fierce election advocacy as “News” rather than punditry. If you click on the link for “Mayoral Race News“, you won’t find what anyone would call news. Instead, you will find (today) 8 items. 4 of them are attack pieces by Yael Abouhalkah, 1 is a self-described “snarky” tweet feed by Tony, and the other 3 are feeds from the Star’s Prime Buzz featuring Mike Burke. 100% opinion pieces, 0% news pieces on a page entitled “Kansas City Mayor’s Race News”. Those pieces were selected by . . . we don’t know whom.

Just wild speculation here, but wouldn’t it be ironic if this anonymous group of “civic minded 40-50 somethings” turned out to have a dog in the fight? Obviously, we would all be viewing this site a little more suspiciously if it were coming from an interest group like the Unions or the heavy construction industry instead of just a group of “civic minded 40-50 somethings”.

Let’s just hope they stop “educating and informing” Kansas City voters that the primary will be on a Monday.

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  1. bill kostar says:

    I’d like to hear from any or all of the mayoral candidates about what they plan to do to address the appalling level of violence and the sickening number of murders in KCMO. It’s utterly unacceptable that a city with a population of only 480,000 people has an average of two murders every single week of the year, and that most of those homicides take place in just a 50-block area on the east side. That’s fully 25% of the number of murders in New York City, with a population 20 times the size.
    The police board, chief of police, council, mayor, and Jackson County COMBAT officials need to meet, direct the millions of dollars of resources they already spend much more effectively, and collaborate on some innovative and creative approaches to community policing, neighborhood relations, and aggressive action in rolling up the thugs that are terrorizing east side neighboprhoods and, increasingly, the entire city.
    Way past time to put aside egos, personalities, personal preferences, turf issues, nonsensical process and government structure excuses and get with the program.
    Nothing much good is going to happen in KCMO south of the river until the violence is addressed and brought under control.
    What are the specific recommendations of the candidates?

  2. Anonymous says:

    First one that finds the body is the primary suspect.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What about a Councilwoman for Mayor?

  4. Anonymous says:

    GoneMild.com – Who’s Hiding and Why?
    I’m looking on here and I can’t see who you are either. Ironic, huh.

  5. Nick says:

    Anonymous 11:13 -

    You’re doing it wrong; the owner of this site is easy to discover. Moreover, the author of this site hasn’t taken any pains to conceal his identity.

    KCMayor, on the other hand, is hosted by dotster.com. Strangely enough, their listed whois server is unreachable – now THAT’s a private registration…

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