Citizens Association – With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?

This week, the Citizens Association has managed to evolve from mere irrelevance to counter-productivity, with a demonstration of the same insider petulance that helped Mayor Funkhouser get elected, and threatens to get him reelected. When I decided last week not to work for Mayor Funkhouser’s reelection, I had no idea that the Citizens Association would do its foolish best to help him.

The Citizens Association, like other local political clubs, provides an opportunity for insiders to cluster and develop what passes for conventional wisdom in Kansas City. They hosted a Mayoral debate yesterday evening, but limited participation to 4 candidates they deemed worthy of their attention.

Let’s remember, this is the “influential” group that fueled Jim Glover to a dismal 5th place primary finish last time around with their powerful endorsement. Then they used their electoral might to assist Alvin Brooks in winning second place in the two-person general election.

The Citizens Association has earned absolutely zero for electoral swagger. Zero.

Mere irrelevance is apparently not enough, though. When Kansas City’s corporate insider group refused to let the elected Mayor even participate in their staged debate, they only hurt themselves (and Mike Burke, their favored son) and helped Funkhouser.

Only Kansas City’s dimmest political bulbs could manage to help a sitting Mayor run as an “outsider”. Only the city’s least self-aware group of insiders could think that locking the Mayor out of their tiny little clubhouse would not come back to bite them and their chosen candidate in the ass when somebody just a little bit smarter than them gets a hold of it. Jeff Roe does not need to be the “best political consultant in the entire universe” to make use of this gem.

Mayor Funkhouser may be unpopular, but contemptuous, superior, exclusive insiders who want to control the city are even less popular.

The winner of the Citizens Association debate was Mark Funkhouser.

3 Responses to “Citizens Association – With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree 1000%. By excluding Funk they look like spoiled children, and hand him a tool to club them over the head with. If they had included him, they still could and would have endorsed development attorney Burke, and the process would have looked like it was fair.

    Not that it matters, though. It’s the CA endorsement. Go Glover!

  2. anonymous says:

    Same old CA. Truly insiders. Mike Burke ran CA for fifteen or more years. He placed most of the board members on the board. If Mike wins CA board members will be rewarded with plumb positions (Park Board, Port Authority, etc.). Business as usual in KC.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You decided not to help with Funk’s reelection?? Why the change in support? I have no dog in this fight other than enjoying visiting KC on occasion and a desire for the city to succeed and overcome it’s problems, which are plentiful. Actually, in any election, I like to see someone take a stand and put up or shut up. Whether you like him or hate him, Chris Christie is my kind of guy. Sooo, I haven’t seen too many things that make a difference under Funk. The city has real problems that were there before he was elected and still seem to be there. Racial relations are awful. Crime is awful. Infrastructure falling apart. Maybe he couldn’t do it all, but maybe he could have focused on something?

    And, Les, just this once, lay off, ok?

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