What Gloria Squitiro Really Said When She Called Jeff Roe the “Best Political Consultant in the Entire Universe”

In one grammatically-botched sentence in a campaign newsletter, the Funkhouser campaign served notice that it will be fighting hard and nasty for re-election.  Amidst an underwhelming report about gathering signatures for candidate petitions, a bombshell lurked toward the bottom: “Last, he [Funkhouser] seeks input from all types of people, from all walks of life. From the kids who stop him on the street corner, to the elderly he talks with at the grocery store, to the people who belong to differing party affiliations, and, of course, by talking with the best political consultant in the entire universe, Jeff Roe at Axiom Strategies.”

I read the note on Tony’s Kansas City, and I actually had to call around to people close to Funkhouser to find out if Tony had gotten it right. Maybe, I hoped, it was some kind of mistake or fabrication.

It wasn’t.

If Jeff Roe is in, decency is out. Jeff Roe is the guy who helped Sally Miller with her vile attacks on Jason Kander; he’s the guy who accused a kind, gentle woman of working for Penthouse; he’s the guy who spread a false story about a fellow Republican drunkenly causing a friend’s death. Calling Jeff Roe “the best political consultant in the entire universe” is not only false (I’d give him a B-, given his abysmal showing in St. Louis County and in the 44th), it’s akin to handing out poisonous Halloween candy and laughing about it. It demonstrates a sociopathic sense of propriety.

Four years ago, a completely different campaign team gathered to support a candidate we truly believed in. That team was composed of people I continue to admire and respect. We ran a campaign that was positive and respectful of our opponent, because we viewed Alvin Brooks as a fine person with years of honorable public service.

Those days are gone. And so is that team. I’m not certain, but I believe that until yesterday, I was the only one of that group who still might have voted for Funkhouser.

By calling Jeff Roe the “best political consultant in the entire universe”, the Funkhouser campaign is telling people that it is willing to get as down and as dirty as anyone in our city can imagine. Funkhouser intends to win. Period.

And he might. He’s still the one person most likely to emerge from the primary, and the primary is scheduled for the same time that the Downtown Hotel will be coming to a head, providing a crystal clear indication of who is in the race to serve Kansas Citians and who is in it for the development pigs. If the other candidates support a doomed hotel for dishonest developers, we might be seeing 4 more years of Funkhouser.

Like it or not.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is Roe really any worse than Steve “Slander” Glorioso?

  2. gonemild says:

    That’s a tough one. I really don’t know. I think Roe is more vicious, but Glorioso is more underhanded.

  3. Tom says:

    They both lose when the numbers are not in their favor. If Funkhouser thinks he is going to bring him to the promise land, he should call Becky Nace.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does Roe use unsolicited bulk e-mail for campaigns he advises/manages?

  5. craig says:

    Dan, you are the first liberal to actually admit that Glorioso is equally as bad as Roe. In 19 words you just upped my respect for you immensly. (not that you really care what an anonymouse poster thinks about you)

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  7. Andrew says:

    You know Funkhouser has been using Jeff Roe for a while, right?

    Nice Journalism (I can do one line paragraphs too).

    You guys (for lack of a better term) are perpetually upset about Funkhouser’s “political missteps.” They tell him, “Funk! You need a consultant.” So he gets one. Doesn’t affect Funkhouser policy whatsoever, you guys throw a fit.

    You all remind me of my love life. I beg for a new girlfriend, get her, she’s everything I dreamed of, I hate her for this, we break up, I miss her.

  8. gonemild says:

    Andrew – your sense of history is as amusing as your love life.

    I’ve been a Funk supporter through most of the grief that has come his way. I STILL think most of the “political missteps” are the result of the clowncil doing the wrong things – the illegal Volunteer Ordinance, the rehiring of Cauthen, the donation to the stadiums, etc.. And I STILL think that Mark has a great agenda that I STILL support.

    But hiring Roe was a terrible thing to do. And crowing about it in the newsletter was a way that Gloria stuck her thumb in the eye of everyone who supported him up until now.

    I brought Funkhouser good people to talk to – and he had plenty of GREAT people to talk to on his campaign team. And he destroyed his campaign team. After the campaign, I helped set up meetings where he heard from people from all over the community – bright, engaged, influential people. And I saw him refuse to listen – absolutely ignore everything they had to say. It was insulting and painful to watch.

    Then I heard he was listening to Jack Cashill and Jeff Roe. Obnoxious human beings, but, okay, I admire a guy who listens to all sides.

    When Gloria’s diaries were published, I saw what she was thinking about me. I was offering my best advice, and I was dead-on right, but I was being attacked and ignored. But, still, I held my nose and supported Mark’s agenda.

    But Gloria’s crowing about Jeff Roe being the best political consultant in the entire universe was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t want to work on the same side as Jeff Roe. I don’t want to work with people who praise Jeff Roe. I never asked him to hire a consultant, and I never thought that he would ever become so obsessed with winning any way possible that he would really rely on Jeff Roe.

    Jeff Roe is ineffective and nasty. I don’t want to be a part of that kind of campaign. Gloria does, and she announced it loud and clear. I hear her.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet Andrew wishes he had just kept his mouth shut.

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