Everyvoter – Back from Vacation

It’s been more than a month since I’ve written anything here. It’s time to start this thing up again.

The unannounced vacation got started for a lot of reasons. But the biggest factor was taking an actual vacation – a week in the mountains of Colorado, hanging out with my wife and friends, fishing, drinking great beer, making and enjoying great meals, and doing almost anything but worrying about the local politics around this city.

On the drive across Kansas on the way back home, I realized I had spent the week at the same level of political engagement that fits the vast majority of voters. I was Everyvoter.

Go up to the average voter on the street, and ask which city district they live in. Most of them will look at you blankly, and say, “umm . . . the 48th?”. But a select few of us will narrow our eyes, and think it’s a trick question. “Did they pass a redistricting plan today?”

Most voters couldn’t name their State Representative. A select few of us can recite the biography of ours.

Most voters are vaguely aware that we will soon have a Mayoral race. A select few of us have our demographic analysis and elaborate predictions of who will emerge from the primary.

In a very real sense, my time in Colorado allowed me to see things through the eyes of Everyvoter, not the hyper-engaged, over-informed eyes of the “select few”. And it was kind of refreshing.

While I’ve been “on vacation”, I’ve started a new job, brewed some good beer, worked on a business plan for the coolest entrepreneurial project I’ve ever dreamed of, and I have not focused on the County Courthouse, City Hall, or Jefferson City. I haven’t worried about voicing my opinions, because I haven’t bothered forming them.

Well, it’s time to come back.

2 Responses to “Everyvoter – Back from Vacation”

  1. les says:

    Welcome back. As a Kansan, I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’m about to surpass South Carolina on the state/fed govt. crazy scale. Fuck me.

  2. craig says:

    Congrats on the new job. Knew you wouldn’t be a parasite for long. ;)

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