Crystal Williams Already Cleaning Up Jackson County Politics – Diane Williams Dodges the Oath

Yesterday, Diane K. “Crystal” Williams resigned from the race for the 2nd District At-Large seat on the Jackson County Legislature.  What prompted the sudden change-of-heart?

She was scheduled to answer questions under oath in a deposition this morning.  The lawsuit filed by the real Crystal Williams exploring the circumstances behind Diane K. Williams’ choice to run as “D. Crystal Williams” threatened to expose the involvement of Henry Rizzo in this unsavory political dirty trick.  Faced with the choice of answering questions honestly or covering for Henry Rizzo, Rizzo’s dirty trickster chose door three, and fled.It’s impressive that the real Crystal Williams has already begun chasing the charlatans out of Jackson County politics.  In response to a race-baiting, lie-filled withdrawal letter published on the city’s joke blog, the real Crystal Williams showed real class, focusing her attention not on Henry Rizzo’s slimy tactics, but on the voters of Jackson County -

I am pleased that this issue is now resolved.  I am committed to open and accessible county government, focusing on real solutions designed to improve the lives of Jackson Countians.  That is what the voters of Jackson County deserve, not game playing by people who should know better.

The real Crystal Williams is the real deal, and it’s wonderful to see somebody committed to defeating the filth of the Jackson County Legislature without sinking to their level.  Henry Rizzo should be ashamed of himself.

5 Responses to “Crystal Williams Already Cleaning Up Jackson County Politics – Diane Williams Dodges the Oath”

  1. a says:

    How can it be a joke blog? It puts up pictures of our Councilpeople participating in community events.

  2. b says:

    But commenters are insulting our Councilpeople.

  3. Anonymous says:

    welcome back to politics Dan. we missed ya.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When will you start analyzing the Council races?

  5. Gonemild says:

    I already have.

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