Beer World – Good News and Bad News from Waldo Pizza

Waldo Pizza makes one of the best pies in the city, and I would go there if their best beer was Diet Coke. What makes the place incredible, though, is their beer selection. From the beginning, they have always had an intelligent and varied beer list, light-years ahead of most restaurants.

First, the good news – they are now offering beer flights.
For the ridiculously low price of $5, you can get 4 pours of 5 ounces each from their taps. When you consider that their taps include treasures like the fabled Bell’s Hopslam, Schlafly’s Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout and Unibroue’s Trois Pistoles, that amounts to a tour of some of the world’s most amazing beers for $5. That’s an insanely wonderful bargain. The 5 ounce pours are enough to give you a legitimate taste of the beers, and you might still have room for a pint after tasting the 4. (I opted for a bottle of Founder’s Double Trouble IPA, which compares nicely with Hopslam.)

Now, the bad news.

Elliott Beier, Waldo’s Cicerone (think beer sommelier), my favorite beer adviser and all-around nice guy, is leaving our town for Chicago at the end of the month. He’ll be at the restaurant till the end of the month – I recommend swinging by and bidding your farewell, and if you haven’t met him yet, taking the time to ask his advice about the beers on his fabulous list.

(Those who may worry about Waldo sinking into beer mediocrity after his departure may rest assured that they had a great beer list before Elliott’s arrival, and I expect they will continue the tradition. But Elliott’s excellent taste will be missed, I am sure.)

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