Great Beer in Cabool, Missouri?

Have you ever heard of Little Yeoman Brewery? Have you ever heard of Cabool, Missouri?

In doing a little brew research yesterday, I stumbled upon word of a micro micro brewery located on a family farm off a tiny road out around Mark Twain National Forest, producing great beer in tiny quantities. The beer doesn’t show up on liquor store shelves – you have to make the 80 mile journey from Springfield, MO to drive down a gravel road to the brewery to buy it. And, despite all that, you might want to call ahead, because they sell out of everything they make.

People from German have made the trek to this outpost of rural brewing
, and yet I had never heard of it.

Who’s in for a trip to Cabool in October? The brewery hosts an Oktoberfest on the last weekend of October: “We usually cook a pig in the ground for that, or make brats, and we have a live bluegrass band,” Frederick said. “We encourage camping. Bring a tent, bring a lawn chair and come on over.”

Sounds good to me.

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  1. les says:

    Decades ago, after a canoe trip on the White River, we happened upon Cabool's annual hog fest. Good eats, good drinks, even met Miss Cabool Hog Fest. Don't think your guys were there, though. they throw a lovely fest, down in Cabool.

  2. bigsmithdude says:

    LY beer is great! they used to stock it at several springfield bars in bottles. but then it went under…or moved…or changed owners. no one really knows for sure. so is it back up and running again for sure? if so, i am in!

  3. LC says:

    Awesome! I had completely forget about them, but I remember loving their beer. I haven't seen that name in something like 8 years…

  4. Barry says:

    I tried but never made it to their original location. I did visit current spot a few years ago which at the time finally completed my continual quest to visit every non-AB brewery in the state of Missouri.

    The current brewer assisted the previous brewer who was nearly legally blind I believe. Anyway, he's one of the most personable guys you'll meet. The beer is good too though you never know what he'll have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I went in September. They guy that runs it is AWESOME. The most friendly, welcoming, and undeniably cool dude you'll meet at a random brewery in a converted shed/garage on a farm in the boonies. And how many of those are there anyway? He gave me a couple free beers to enjoy and popped one himself. We sat on a picnic table under a pop up canopy and talked beer for about 40 minutes. A personalized tour of his setup was also given. He mentioned his anual Oktoberfest but we weren't able to make it back a month later. We are planning on going this coming year. It's truly a fantastic place and worth the drive, but you might call him ahead to make sure he's around and brewing.

  6. pqjulie says:

    you can find it on – and every other craft brewery in the U.S. and Canada


  7. fasteddy999 says:

    I am the guy that started Steve (Markle?)the original owner brewing. I live in Springfield use to own a small home brew store. Brown Derby used to carry their beer.

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