Recognized Beer Judge

I received my test scores from the Beer Judge Certification Program yesterday evening, and my score put me at the Recognized Beer Judge category. I did better in my tasting portion than I did in my writing. I was hoping for a better score, but, during the test, I accidentally completely skipped one of the essay questions, and did a poor job of formulating a Weissbier recipe from scratch, without reference materials.

The next level up is Certified Beer Judge, which will require some more experience judging in sanctioned contests (even if I had scored 100% on the test, I could only be “Recognized” until I racked up some more experience points) and a retake of the written portion of the exam.

Cheers to being a dedicated student!

4 Responses to “Recognized Beer Judge”

  1. Logtar says:

    Funny that this is the title that you will probably blog about the most :) and that the written portion was not the slam dunk since you write so well here.


  2. Nuke says:

    Congratz Dan!

    I really got a chuckle out of the fact that to advance to the next level you need to drink more beer. Hard work, get on it ASAP!

  3. KC Wort Hog says:

    Congratulations! Mr Wort Hog is currently studying for the January sitting in Portland. Got any judging opportunities lined up in your schedule yet?

  4. Dan says:

    No judging opportunities yet, but I'll jump on them soon. Of course, I'll judge the KCBiermeisters competition.

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