The Kids are Alright

One of the inalienable rights – no, essential duties – of teenagers is to annoy authority figures.

In Massachusetts, a prinicipal has banned the word “meep”. It seems that students at Danvers High began using the meaningless word coined by Beaker, the Muppet lab assistant, to add a little levity to their daily grind.

Nothing bothers administrators quite as much as young people engaging in levity. To put a stop to their levicity, the principal sent out an automated phone call to all the parents warning them that if their levicious offspring dared to use the word “meep”, s/he would be SUSPENDED.

My hat is off to the students of Danvers High School. They got under the skin of their principal, and caused him to issue a red-faced warning that made him look like a sputtering twit. Bravo.

5 Responses to “The Kids are Alright”

  1. m.v. says:

    Actually I think the school had a point. What if they made the word "meep" a code word for lets say blowing up a classroom, as in "we'll meep the school tomorrow" and the principal knew what it meant by reading their facebook. On the other hand I agree you can't ban a word but principal's move was probably meant to send a message that he knows what's going on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG Ted must be spinning in his grave

  3. Dan says:

    MV -

    Wow you are extremely trusting of petty bureaucrats. If they were really plotting an attack, I hope they would react a little more aggressively.

  4. m.v. says:

    well I am the opposite of "trusting" but you don't always have to react aggressively;similar to a how a patrol car parked on the side of the highway slows down the traffic,maybe a simple "I am watching you" from the principal prevented a lot worse things from happening.on the other hand maybe the principal is just a moron everyone presented him to be

  5. Dan says:

    MV – trust me. They call it Occam's razor. On the one hand, you have kids annoying high school administrators. Simple. On the other hand, you have an elaborate secret plot to do violence, coupled by an extraordinarily calm bureaucrat who reacts to such a plot simply by disrupting their code word, and it content to let the intended evil-doers escape with a warning. Uh-huh. You might be right. It could also be a case where aliens took over the brain of the principal.

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