Osceola Cheese – Disappointment on Highway 13

When traveling through Missouri, there are lots of fascinating spots to visit for a quick break. Those brown Missouri Department of Conservation signs point to dozens of small parks, and the flea markets and antique shops hold treasures.

But the Osceola Cheese Shop is not one of them.

Always crowded with slow-moving sample-takers, the store is harshly lit, poorly laid out and filled with cheese that mostly tastes like American with artificial flavorings. On top of that, you get “gifts” offered by an attached Christian bookstore and Precious Moments figurines next to dew rags festooned with the flag of the Confederate Losers.

It manages the difficult feat of being completely tacky without even offering visitors an opportunity to be ironically amused by kitsch. It’s a cheese shop that can’t even be engagingly cheesy.

12 Responses to “Osceola Cheese – Disappointment on Highway 13”

  1. Keith Sader says:

    What a senseless waste of human life.

  2. Krissy says:

    Awesome review – love it. I have a new blog, Dan.

  3. bigsmithdude says:

    but, but, but…free cheese!!!!

  4. Ellen says:

    We love it stop there everytime we come that way ! May not not be for cheese snobs, must not be too bad been there for years !!! Love it !!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy going there. I have to admit the place seems less special once I found out that their cheese is made by someone else out of state.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We stop their every time we go to Branson. Not for the samples, but to buy cheese. We enjoy it very much and always share some with family around our area.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Uuh, excuse me, but the cheese is made locally and they support the local dairy farmers. I live there. Don't bad mouth Osceola!!

  8. KC Say Cheese says:

    Stopped at Osceola Cheese and have had a pleasant experience in the past. This time I was totally disgusted and disappointed. The place was moderately busy. Just about everyone in there (except for my wife and I) used the same tooth pick when getting a free sample. I also witness several young college girls (freshman 15 plus) using their fingers to retrieve samples. Out of the 50 plus people, my wife and I were the only two to make a purchase, the rest were there merely for the free samples. I wonder how often the health department comes around. There were an unlimited supply of toothpicks available so I don’t know why they weren’t being used. I enjoy stopping off for cheese, I just wish the owner would (several) signs instructing people to use a clean toothpick with each sample.

  9. Paul says:

    We have been stopping at osceola cheese for over 10 years now on the way to pomme de terre. The cheese and sausage are fantastic…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have been going there for 35 years, LOVE their cheese. We always stop on the way down to the lake on a Friday. There are way to many people on Sunday afternoon. They even smoke their own cheese in the back! The Turkey sticks are awesome!

  11. cort says:

    well 780+ google reviews say the exact opposite of this drivel you posted…hmmm.

  12. gonemild says:

    It shouldn’t shock anyone that 780+ people have much worse taste than I do.

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