KC Sports – Rednecks Preferred?

Ancillary Adams raises a fine question: “What is it about this town’s athletics franchises that makes them want to portray themselves as the Official Teams of Hee Haws everywhere?” At Royals games, the family atmosphere is shattered every game by a public singing of a country song celebrating threatening behavior and problem drinking. Now, the Chiefs have decided that Trace Adkins – with no apparent Kansas City ties – should be the pitchman for the Chiefs. Trace Adkins?

If it hadn’t been for Ancillary Adams, I confess that I would not have any idea who the guy in black leather on the screen was. After a little research, I’ve discovered that he is an anti-union conservative who appeals to a heavily caucasian audience. The only obvious tie to the Chiefs I could find is that he sings a song called “You’re Going to Miss This”, which I haven’t heard, but it might be directed toward the receiving corps.

Like Ancillary Adams, I’m sick and tired of having our sports teams portray us to the world as a bunch of drunk rubes. If I recall correctly, it was Kansas City that made a $2 million donation to the stadiums, not some rural cowpatch. Maybe we ought to be promoted by Kansas Citians instead of boot-wearing bumpkins from Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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  1. GMC70 says:

    In other words, you disagree with his politics, so he has to go.

    How tolerant and accepting of other points of view. And how typical for the left, who's all about free expression, as long as it's expression you agree with.

    I'm not particularly a country music fan. But I'm not so parochial as to condemn types of music I don't particularly like, nor am I so petty as to let political differences drive every part of my life.

    See, unlike the left, I think tolerance actually means tolerating and accepting other points of view as valid, even if I disagree with them, without condemning those who hold them as "boot-wearing bumpkins" – or worse.

    And Ancillary Adams is obviously an ass.

  2. KC Hop Head says:

    I'm pretty sure that nascar in KC saves our reputation. Oh wait…

  3. Anonymous says:

    GMC – you must be kidding. Dan doesn't even mention Brooks' politics (he's a republican), but you accuse him of content-based hatred?

    He doesn't need to go because his politics suck, he needs to go because he makes the city look like a bunch of CMT-loving douches.

    Obviously, Dan dislikes redneck hee-haw toothless backwoods knuckle-dragging ignorant drawlers who promote problem drinking. Maybe that's narrow-minded, but, either way, it sucks that we Kansas Citians are getting screwed out of $2,000,000 to support it. I vote that we tell the Chiefs to get rid of Adkins and hand the sound system over to Jay-Z.

  4. That's a Nice Tie You Have There says:

    Lighten up, Dan. Its just people having fun. Do you think Bruins fans stay sober during Blackhawks games?

  5. Jim says:

    Well GMC70 was right about one thing…

  6. GMC70 says:

    anonymous –

    Take up reading. Really.

    The post isn't about Brooks, mine or Dan's. It's about Trace Adkins, and indeed Dan IS in fact objecting to his politics.

    It's all about politics. Were Adkins to have the politics of say, Maddow, I have no doubt whatsoever he'd be hailing the choice as the best thing since the invention of the forward pass. It's ALL about politics; his aversion to country music is cover. For folks like Dan, everything is about politics.

    Which is why the left's commitment to "tolerance" extends only to points of view (and, apparantly, musical styles) they agree with.

  7. Dan says:

    No, GMC, you are profoundly wrong on several points. Anonymous was correct – it's not the politics, it's the image (though the politics ought to concern those allegedly democratic politicians who chose to donate $2 million to the stadiums). Sincerely, if it were Slaid Cleaves or Dwight Yoakum, two country artists I admire, I would be objecting to the choices as well. Country is a niche market, and I don't see why we ought to be stuck in the hee-haw niche.

    Further, if you would read as you request of my anonymous defender, you would see that hell yes, I am complaining about Brooks and his obnoxious song about socially inappropriate behavior and problem drinking.

    Finally, this blog has been about as apolitical as it could be over the past few months. You're stuck in the past, my friend.

  8. Dan says:

    But you raise a great point about Jim.

  9. Rhymes With Right says:

    Why the hatred of white folks, Dan?

    Following Obama's lead from the Henry gates saga?


  10. craig says:

    Country music is a niche market?
    What the hell are you smoking and why don't you share?
    Garth is in the top 5 of all time records sold.

  11. Sophia says:

    I don't think the redneck aspect would bother me at all if the guy had any connection at all to the team. When I first saw the ad, I figured it was some watered down lame ass attempt to work the Hank Jr. "Are you ready for some football?" vibe.

    I also had no clue who the guy was. It was mostly odd. Like Teri Garr assuring me that nothing makes her day quite like listening to KUDL.

  12. GMC70 says:

    Dan –

    If you think country music is, in KC, a 'niche' market, you've got your head buried somewhere. You live in the heart of country's 'niche,' and Brooks is among the highest selling artists of all time, any genre.

    And drinking songs have a long history. Lighten up.

    Your denial fail to convince. It's about politics, pure and simple. Dress up the pig all you like, it's still a pig.

  13. Jaggdd says:

    Politics or no, does anyone think that Trace Adkins represents your typical Kansas Citian? The man behind the song "Honky-Tonk Ba-donka-donk?" If that's the case, I might just kill myself right now…

  14. bigsmithdude says:

    i agree..DOWN WITH ANCILLARY ADAMS!!! this tyrant has run a muck in this town for far too long, and it is high time we put an end to his reign of power. so crank up the toby keith and grab your pitch forks–we are coming for YOU!

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