Missouri Bar Keeps its Money in Missouri

For years, the Missouri Bar Board of Governors has treated itself to a lavish trip to some exotic locale, underwritten by the bar dues of less-exalted attorneys. In January, while the rest of the state was struggling with sleet and freezing rain, the Missouri Bar Board of Governors would jet off to the Bahamas or the Florida Keys or the people-watching paradise of South Beach. While there, they would hold a sinfully brief meeting to “justify the expense”. Incredibly, they would even use that meeting to plan raising the bar dues or to convince legislators to pass judicial pay raises.

Irony sunbathed on those trips.

Finally, the Bar has listened to the complaints and decided to scale back the meeting, bringing it back to Missouri. Not surprisingly, this dose of common sense comes from Skip Walther, the President-elect of the Bar. Skip is a great guy with excellent judgment. Under his leadership, the Missouri Bar will increase in its credibility as a voice for justice.

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  1. smh says:

    Did Skip happen to mention when the flood of 2010 graduates from Missouri law schools will be able to find proper gainful employment? With 40% of the 2009 graduates still looking and the 2011's breathing down our necks, things are tough.

    Though, I suppose that goes for everyone looking for employment at the moment. Except for doctors and dentists.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bar Associations have seldome been a voice for justice.

    They an arm of the state, and judges are the enforces.

    Who ya kiddin, Dan?

    This is apparent even on the lowest level. Remember all teh corruption at the Muni Court a few years back?

    Ya think that went away?

    Sure, sport.

    Whatever you say.

    Muni Court Hack

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah, I see censorship is in place.

    The liberal free flow of ideas aint' gonna be that free, is it?

    Byb Bye

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