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As I’ve been remaking this blog, I’ve been reading a lot of sites that had somehow never made it onto my blogroll. There’s a ton of great writing out there to pay attention to – if you don’t use Google Reader or some other aggregator, you’re missing a lot.

Help me fill in the missing links on my blogroll. Here are a few I’m adding today:

Average Jane
: I can’t believe I haven’t had Average Jane on my blogroll! I’ve known her in the real world for at least a couple years, and read her blog faithfully. She is anything but average – a smart ad person who also sings in rock bands. Her blog covers everything from recipes to relationship musings, in a friendly, thoughtful manner.

Kansas Sity Sinic: A Johnson County Republican woman who posts frequently and briefly. She keeps things light and amusing, and probably provokes more thought that way than she would if she posted long annotated diatribes about policy matters. And she’s funny 9 times out of 10.

Absolutely Feisty: Young single mother battles her way through battles internal and external with a good heart and a sassy attitude. A must-read, but pay attention. Some of her best posts get deleted within 24 hours, when she gets her temper back!

Hot Blog on a Stick: Part of the Bull E. Vard and Chimpotle media empire, this blog focuses on the food you don’t want to admit you’ve eaten. Unabashedly lowbrow, their two-voiced takedown of the Domino’s bread bowl was one of the most descriptive pieces of writing on bad food I have ever read.

KC Hop Head: The guy’s a new homebrewer and he’s already putting raisins in his porter. That sort of creativity makes me suspect he’s going to be brewing some of the best beer in the region soon. His writing is sharp and intelligent.

Keep on Truckin’: “Some call it making new mistakes. I say I’m having new adventures.” This woman is in the process of changing her life after a divorce, and her breezy wit leaves you only wishing that she would post more often. (Hint, hint.)

May’s Machete: I won’t even try to sum up what you’ll find here. She describes it as “A cutting-edge view of lifestyle, culture and society”, but that sounds like a pretentious literary magazine to me. May writes challenging, though-provoking, intimate stuff that makes you think a little harder and a little more clearly. A new favorite.

Show Me Eats: Food reviews from small town Missouri. Next time you’re headed to the hinterlands, check this place out for thoughts on where to eat that doesn’t involve a corporate drive-through.

Show-Me Beer: If you’re a beer enthusiast, it’s a great time to be alive. Show-Me Beer helps you sort through the wonderful array of options showing up on the shelves. Easy to read and well-informed, this blog is a free course in beer tasting, without the snobbery.

The Wort Hog Beer Blog
: Another new brewer, now branching into the world of mead, too. (“Wort” is the word for beer before it ferments. Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer.) Her posts are well-researched and informative.

Shane Life: Another personal-musings blog. As a genre, these are the best or the worst of the blog world – it depends on whether you are engaged by the writing and the topics. Shane is deep without being “heavy”, and has a knack for coming up with topics that have been kicking around in the back of my own mind.

Alright, friends, what have I missed? Comment or email with suggestions about what else I should have in my blogroll.

9 Responses to “Missing Links”

  1. Sophia says:

    on KSS:

    She keeps things light and amusing, and probably provokes more thought that way than she would if she posted long annotated diatribes about policy matters.

    This made me laugh. The thought currently provoked: why is this funny and clever girl a republican? If she actually went into depth on policy matters, it would draw more attention to her loathsome side. She subscribes to Michelle Malkin, for pete's sake.

    I agree that she's an entertaining read.

  2. Average Jane says:

    Thanks for the mention (and adding me to your blogroll)!

  3. Drunk-Monkey says:

    On Show-Me Beer:

    Easy to read and well-informed, this blog is a free course in beer tasting, without the snobbery

    And I thought I was just some guy who likes to drink beer!
    Thanks for the kind words
    Cheers and Beers!

  4. KC Wort Hog says:

    agreed – thanks for the mention :) I've been brewing off & on since 2003, maybe a total of 20-25 batches under my belt (4 of them made all on my own; the rest done w/a brewing buddy). Not so much a newb, but more of an amateur than a lot of homebrewers.

    Found a couple of new blogs from this. I think Making of a Foodie is one of my favorite local blogs (as is Hot Blog on a Stick) & recommend both of them.

  5. Dan says:

    Wort Hog – Sorry, I misinterpreted the whole brew day 3.0 thing, and thought it was your third batch, rather than the third brew-gathering. Keep up the good work!

  6. KC Hop Head says:

    Kind words. Thanks for the shout out.

  7. Kansas Sity Sinic says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Dan!

    As for Sophia: I rarely have time to delve into thorough rhetoric when others tend to do it so much better than I can. This is why my posts are brief. I am republican for several reasons–I will make a note to post the "whys" for you when I get a minute. I'm blogging from D.C., where I am touring 5 schools this weekend.

    Once I finish applying to 13 law schools, wrap up a 500 person convention here in KC and reach my quarterly quota at work, I'll appease you, m'lady. Oh, and thank you, I AM funny.

    Funny looking.

  8. Kansas Sity Sinic says:

    oh, and i do love me some m'chelle.

    Malkin, that is ;-)

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