Hamburger Helper

I want your advice.

What kind of burger should be the special at Blanc Burgers + Bottles? In the relatively near future, I get to meet with Chef Josh Eans to design a new burger which will then be put on special for the weekend.

The pressure is on to come up with something amazing. After all, the Inside Out Burger (bleu cheese stuffed burger, applewood smoked bacon, onion ring, home-made catsup, mustard, butter lettuce on an onion brioche bun) is thought by many to be the best burger in the world. My personal favorite is the Au Poivre (pepper-crusted burger, creamy green peppercorn sauce, grilled onions, watercress, salt and pepper brioche bun).

If my name is going to be attached to something that I want people to choose over those two platters of heaven, I need to come up with something world-changing.

Right now, I’m thinking maybe a variation on the Aspen Burger, a regional favorite from upstate New York featuring sour cream and sauteed mushrooms. Perhaps if we jazzed it up a little by using creme fraiche and some gourmet mushrooms, we could bring a bit of Schenectady to Kansas City.

Or we could go to the opposite corner of the United States for some inspiration. How about a green chile and sharp cheddar burger? Maybe serve it with some sort of mole sauce?

I LOVE Blanc Burgers + Bottles. The first time I went there, I returned 5 times over the next two weeks. Their Au Poivre burger may be tied for “Best Sandwich in Kansas City” with “#1 (spicy)” ordered at the counter from Bella Napoli.

I need to bring my “A game” to this assignment. Any advice?

9 Responses to “Hamburger Helper”

  1. Chimpotle says:

    Green chile burger all the way.

  2. les says:

    Chiles, f'sure.

  3. Catherine VandeVelde says:

    Beer-battered fried zucchini medalions (thinly sliced) and carmelized red onions with a savory, spicy beer sauce.

  4. A Librarian says:

    I love this place. The Truffle Fries are to die for.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Small chop lots of sweet white onion, with salt and lots of pepper and mix it into the burger before cooking. You can use leaner beef this way, the onion keeps it moist with an awesome flavor. The sharpest cheddar you can find,melted of course, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, mayo, on a heavily grilled onion bun.

  6. Andrew says:

    Veggie burger, don't make any young cows die for your pride.

  7. Jim says:

    If you pick a veggie burger, I may never speak to you again.

    I don't have any brilliant ideas, but I do know cheese is very important.

  8. ryan says:

    Given that Blanc currently has a burger topped with onions in a port reduction, I might play on that and caramelize some onions or shallots and throw them in a porter reduction (something sweeter, perhaps Anchor or a sticky sweet imperial?). Maybe toss on some porcinis sauteed in (garlic infused?) truffle butter and then brighten it up with some goat cheese. Bacon is never a bad thing, either, although Italian Speck might be a little snobbier.

  9. emawkc says:

    I suggest a hamburger made only out of bacon. Chopped bacon, ground bacon and bacon strips, topped with a bacon infused mayonnaise.

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