"That is So Myspace" – Class Distinctions in Social Media

An alert friend forwarded this article to me, discussing research that suggests Myspace is becoming the ghetto of the social media world, as “white flight” sends white, educated and privileged participants over to Facebook.

“MySpace has become the ghetto of the digital landscape,” Ms. Boyd explained to the crowd. And many of us in these social environments, she said, “have gotten into the habit of crossing the street like we always do to avoid the riff-raff.”

When I brought up the topic of Facebook and Myspace to a friend, even before I could introduce the class issue, a friend interrupted with the observation, “The only time I ever go into Myspace anymore is for the music.” Wow. Is Myspace becoming the seedy jazz joint in the rough part of town?

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  1. m.v. says:

    so how you explain that? obviously your usual reasons such as racism, income gap,digital divide don't work since anyone can register on any site for free and they already have internet since they are on myspace. I personally never cared for myspace because of all the bling, things that play and blink and pop, 1993 website design etc. not that I am active on facebook either although I think it has much cleaner and modern look.

  2. logtar says:

    Myspace and Facebook had very different origins. Facebook was a college tool which then was opened to everyone, Myspace was open to anyone from day one… and also open to customization.

    I think this portrayal is somewhat inaccurate in the sense that it is only seen from the "social media guru" type of lens. I am sure the comedy and music world might see it a little different.

    I have disliked MySpace because it is too customizable and an eyesore for me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You should know who your friends are before you walk down main street.

    Facebook has filters and is designed as a communication tool as opposed to a broadcast medium like Craigslist.

    MySpace encourages voyeuristic behavior. Facebook is like being onstage.

  4. Waldo Oiseau says:

    I never really got into Myspace, but really like Facebook. Myspace definitely had too much going on visually, and everyone seems to have a "cover." AND, creepy people want to be your friends. It's just weird.

    On Facebook, the idea is that you are who you are and you aren't trying to be anything else. You're there to keep up with friends, reconnect with legitimate friends, and waste time at work by playing Lexulous crossword games. :)

  5. E gan F says:

    MySpace has clearly lost the social media wars at this stage – except for in the realm of music where it still reigns despite all the ugliness and flaws that people have pointed out.

    But that's all kinds of music, not just music of one race. FaceBook doesn't lead the way in white music.

    The flight to FaceBook has been by all classes except the music class.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Which networks are various City Councilmembers on?

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