Spend a Couple Dollars Tonight – It’s Bargain Night in Politics

Want to make someone happy for $25 or $50? Tonight’s your night.

Like some sort of third world currency, the value of your political dollars varies month-to-month, even day-to-day. Right here in Kansas City, your political dollar is at a peak, but the value will come crashing down before the end of the week.

Why? Because the June 30 reporting deadline is today. What a candidate receives today will show up in a week or so when the campaign filings are done, and political insiders will dissect those reports not only for total figures, but also for depth, breadth and identity of support.

It’s about intimidation. A candidate who shows early strength in fundraising looks formidable. A candidate who turns in a lackadaisical fundraising report looks vulnerable. It’s still early enough that potential opponents still think they could take on a vulnerable candidate, so tonight’s the night that could determine the difficulty of the 2010 elections for a lot of candidates.

Your small check tonight could save a candidate tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Not surprisingly, there are fundraisers aplenty tonight. If you’re wanting to help out strong young Democrats, you should seriously consider dropping by Wine., 112 West 63rd Street, tonight, where Kevin McManus will be launching his campaign to succeed Kate Meiners after she is termed out, or coming to the “Party on the Porch” being thrown by “lots of fabulous women” for Jackson County’s best legislator, Theresa Garza Ruiz.

I hope to make both. I love a bargain.

3 Responses to “Spend a Couple Dollars Tonight – It’s Bargain Night in Politics”

  1. Stradergee says:

    Hit the Garza-Ruiz one late because the skirts might get tanked up and affectionate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Which women are throwing the Garza party?

  3. Your Friend from Out South says:

    If they are Democrat women they are ugly, dirty. stanky and only interested in eating each other Stradergee.

    How much you wanna bet there was a daisy chain of dykes doused in pitchuli at that party?

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