McCaskill Switching Parties?

After voting as a Republican on war funding, FISA, free speech, and opposing important environmental work in the Everglades, Senator Claire McCaskill (?-MO) has announced her intention to vote with the Democrats and to support a public option. And it seems pretty clear: “I support public option for health care reform. I want people to have a choice between public and private.

Of course, the votes have not yet been cast, and it’s entirely possible that McCaskill will rejoin her Republican colleagues, but, as of now, it looks like she may be putting her Tiffany WWJTD (What Would Jim Talent Do?) on eBay. Stay tuned . . .

2 Responses to “McCaskill Switching Parties?”

  1. les says:

    This is firmly in the "believe it when I see it" column.

  2. Lance says:

    While it would be mildly surprising to see McCaskill switch parties, it doesn't seem to be that big of a stretch. It would probably be beneficial for her to do so because Missouri is a red state after all.

    But party labels alone don't seem to provide much information about how any particular candidate treats any given issue anyway. After all, Bob Barr got the Libertarian Party's nomination for president last year and I would be hard pressed to come up with even one issue on which he holds a libertarian viewpoint.

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