Best Meal I’ve Ever Had in Kansas City

Yesterday evening, to celebrate our 27th Anniversary, we went out to Bluestem. I had only been there for drinks before, so I knew that it was an upscale foodie spot, but I had no other expectations. I came prepared for a generic gourmet meal – probably a few new ingredients, and fancified favorites.

Bluestem blew me away. The service was gracious and prompt, the food was creative and amazing, and they even had an intelligent beer list. The whole experience was 3 hours of decadent pleasure.

Bluestem offers diners a selection of course – you can order 3, 5 or 7 courses, or even a chef’s tasting menu of 12 courses. After the waitress assured us that the courses would not present an overwhelming amount of food, we each chose 5 items – two “appetizer” type dishes, two proteins, and one dessert pick.

The highlight of my appetizers was troffie pasta with crab, garlic, chili and prosciutto. Big chunks of sweet crab meat played well with the heat of the chili.

My bride’s favorite appetizer was a gorgeous bowl of spring pea soup, with preserved lemon, creme fraiche and orange tuile. It tasted like the first warm day of spring distilled into a creamy soup.

From the protein side, my favorite was a few slices of piedmontese strip, served with light whipped potatoes lit up with horseradish. I hesitate to order steak in a restaurant, because I can usually grill up a better example at home. My faith in the Bluestem kitchen was rewarded with a perfectly textured, wonderfully presented sample of richly flavored beef.

The woman who met me at an altar 3-cubed years ago wrought her revenge on the creatures who have destroyed her hostas by ordering rabbit. It was the best item to show up on either plate – tender like pounded chicken, sweet like pork, and complex like duck. It was served atop a bed of sweet pea spaetzle, which were a wonder in their own right.

I ended my meal with a great selection of cheese and crostini, while she ended hers with bright cherries and milk chocolate cream puffs.

Bluestem delivered the best meal I’ve ever had in a Kansas City restaurant – even better than the memorable and impressive Justus Drug Store. Speaking of which, I appreciated the waitress’ vocal admiration of other great local restaurants – she gushed about Room 39 and said that she can’t wait for her first trip to Justus Drug Store. It was a touch of class in an evening that was suffused with class.

3 Responses to “Best Meal I’ve Ever Had in Kansas City”

  1. I Travel for JOOLS says:

    Wow. I'm such a heathen I didn't know what even half of the food items you referred to were..well I did know rabbit..haha

    But, I did check out the website and it looks like a warm, inviting (expensive) place.

    Saving my pennies.

  2. The DLC says:

    Still the best (and yes, the most expensive) meal I've had in KC as well.

  3. mamagotcha says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Hey, did you see that KC Lunch Spots found Dos Amigos again?

    I haven't been there to confirm, but it sure looks like our boys from Troost.

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