80+% of Voters Refuse Recall! Funkhouser Riding Crest of Popularity!

News reports are claiming that recall petitioners were unsuccessful, after a month, plus a 10 day extension, to get 20% of the last Mayoral vote count to sign a petition triggering a recall election. After massive publicity and many boasts that they were well on their way to achieving their goal, recall organizers could not attain the required 20%.

Political observers recalled that Funkhouser only won his original election by the slimmest of margins, with nearly 50% of the voters opposing him at the time. Now, a little more than 2 years into his term, less than 20% of the voters oppose him.

With 80+% of the electorate supporting him, Funkhouser’s political power is at a zenith few can remember ever seeing in Kansas City. “He’s kind of like George Brett, Len Dawson and Harry Truman rolled into one, all without the support of the Kansas City Star,” gushed one experienced politico. Steve Glorioso groused, “If only Kay had some of that Funkhouser mojo, she would be in Congress right now.”

Plans for a ticker-tape parade through downtown are not yet finalized, as City Council members are bickering over who should get to sit next to him on the parade route.

25 Responses to “80+% of Voters Refuse Recall! Funkhouser Riding Crest of Popularity!”

  1. inafunkaboutthefunk says:

    Are you losing your mind, Dan?

  2. Nick says:

    hilarious…but true.

    …it’s all about POV.

  3. Dan's Neighbor says:

    100 percent of Kansas Citians refused to piss on Dan’s newspaper this morning before he came out to pick it up.

    Well, 99.999 percent, but the point is still made!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beth for Mayor!

  5. Ned Kelly says:

    129 signatures out of 4,000. Perhaps a 3 on the street address looked like an 8 to a certain reviewer.

    Maybe a reviewer forgot to bring in their glasses on Thursday.

    All they have to do is find 129 out of 4,000.

    And then it’s all over for the Funk. Well, Funk will never win re-election, so it brings to an inevitable conclusion two years earlier the term of the worst Mayor in Kansas City history.

  6. Dan says:

    Ned – the dude’s riding an 80% wave of popularity. Care to put a bet on the recall?

  7. Lance says:

    Pretty funny, Dan. I chuckled.

  8. Ned Kelly says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Dan you have made som fucking stupid posts in the past but this is the worst.

    The Titanic was sunk by less than 20 percent of the ice in the Atlantic.

  10. Dan says:

    I’ll take that as a “no”, Ned. Hahaha.

    Lance, thanks for visiting – hope you’re doing well.

    Anonymous – huh?

  11. Anonymous says:

    What does Beth have to do with this post?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Riding crest of popularity? Wow. I’ll give you credit for somehow coming up with that one. Did you just finish watching “House of Saddam”?

  13. J Swfit says:

    Anonymous, do you think they are really planning a ticker-tape parade? Think maybe you missed a joke?

    Good post, Dan. Some people are too stupid to appreciate humour, though.

  14. inafunkaboutthefunk says:

    J Swift…. it is not clear to anyone (except maybe you) that Dan is joshing…. I would say though that if he really believes this, he has lost all of what was left of his mind.

  15. Ned Kelly says:

    A little sensitive, Dan? You’ve taken down two comments on this post without leaving markers. And the comments you removed were not offensive at all.

  16. Dan says:

    Ina – yes, it is intended to be humorous. Do you really believe a ticker tape parade is being organized? Do you really believe Glorioso said that? I fear your sad negative obsession has robbed you of any subtlety.

    Ned – as for deleted comments, I only deleted one, as it sought to drag some people I care deeply about into the conversation. The commentator is welcome to try again and keep his comments to public figures instead of personal matters.

  17. Sophia says:

    I could tell it was a joke.

  18. inafunkaboutthefunk says:

    One might argue that some of your past prognostications in re all things Funkhouser have guided you into La La Land. SO who knows just how much of this you really believe. That being said, you ran another piece like this in the recent past… your attempt at creating your own version of War Of The Worlds, I guess.

    Meanwhile, your boy has temporarily escaped recall… by the most slender of margins. And if the Recall Group can get a recount, who knows what will happen? No matter what happens, the clock is ticking and the end of our Municipal Nightmare is coming soon enough.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If this is a joke, then lets play along.

    I love Funk. He is the greatest. He has truly redefined the Council Manager form of government. In the next 2 years I think Funk is capable of turning around the local economy and make people flock to the urban core. This will result in a renewed interest in public education which will lead to the complete make over of the KCMSD. Not only that, but KC under Funk will build an endowment that will allow the city to fund operations on interest income alone. No more earnings tax.
    The future under Funk is bright.

  20. inafunkaboutthefunk says:

    Dan, when it comes to all things Funk you have been known to espouse certain beliefs that one would say border on the irrational. So even though this latest attept you say was intended to be humorous, who knows how much of what you wrote are your core beliefs :) ????

    P.S. I think you deleted my last post which was a response to your post… and I was even referring to any one your care deeply about other than your own self.

  21. inafunkaboutthefunk says:

    Oops! My post just popped up… so you did not delete it after all. Thanks to the lord…

  22. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Dan knew Hitler?!?!?!

  23. Real question not a statement says:

    There has been a lot of that on here Inafunk.

    Dan, in recent weeks, posts will not show up in the "read comments" mode but then show up when you go to leave a comment mode. You have some kind of funky (pun intended) tracking or security software that might make this happen? It is very odd and something very new.

  24. Anonymous says:

    What an idiot. The Flunk didn’t get 20% of the voters in 2007 either. In other words more than 80% of Kansas City voters that were legible to vote DID NOT vote for him. Cannot you come up with something better, Dan? If the Flunk had an dignity he would step down. This was the revolt of the regular folks. His so-called forces of evil sat on the sidelines.

  25. Dan says:

    Real question – I use the blogger software, with ftp. It’s been behaving oddly lately, and I’ve tried a couple fixes, none of which have worked.

    I haven’t done anything unusual to the site, and haven’t added any new security or tracking software.

    It’s bothering me, too . . .

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