Tea-Bagger Potty Line?

Like most observers of politics, I was amused by the tea-bag parties organized by anti-tax protesters in response to Obama’s tax cuts. The sputtering outrage of the right wing provokes not fear, dread or even respect from those that pay attention. How dare right-wingers protest taxes when Obama is cutting them for 95% of us? How dare the Republicans complain about deficits when the Bush administration launched us on a disastrous path after Clinton had generated budget surpluses? How dare the tea-baggers denounce government spending after Bush created an economic crisis and launched an unnecessary war on the wrong country?

The tea-baggers were not to be taken seriously, so I basically ignored them.

But this morning, I happened across Platte Countian Ivan Foley’s hyped-up coverage of the protest, and saw that it was less of a protest than a gathering. Here is a picture that Mr. Foley took of their “crowd”:

Seriously. A few months ago, that would have qualified as the shortest of the porta-potty lines for Barack Obama’s rally. But, whatever, if they want to count that cluster of like-minded folks as a rally, that’s their right. Personally, I’m a little surprised they could find even that many people to stand with this guy without wearing a hood:

4 Responses to “Tea-Bagger Potty Line?”

  1. Porta Potty Rental Prices says:

    I don’t think people realize…YOU CANNOT SIMPLIFY our TAX SYSTEM! The only solution is a flat tax.

  2. e cigarette says:

    They do not want a flat tax, because they can not game the system anymore and make up rules as they go, But I agree, it is the only way to do it!

  3. E Cigarette says:

    whats a "dixie chicken"

  4. Cep Kaplama says:

    heh! That a nice protest banner.

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