Off to See the Wizards

As recapped over at Kansas City Bloggers, a group of us headed over to the windy prairie west of civilization to watch the Wizards play Toronto FC on Saturday evening. Truly, 5 people wedged into a hybrid vehicle plastered with liberal bumper stickers may have been the most left-wing event in suburban Kansas so far this century.

Since others have already discussed the social aspect, I’ll tackle the sporting aspect. Believe it or not, the Star’s coverage actually had it right! The game was dominated by Toronto in the early going, but the Wizards controlled the second half. One of the goals came off what appeared to be a sloppy rebound, though it’s hard to judge whether the goalie really had a chance to smother the ball since I was at the far end of the field.

The outing was my first visit to Community America Park, and I intend to go back. The family atmosphere was nice, the game was good, and the parking was free. The level of talent on the field was better than some of the games I see on the Fox Soccer channel, and 5 goals made for an exciting game.

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