Retraction Regarding Criminal Dominance and Influence on the Jackson County Legislature – Day 86 of the Jackson County Ethics Blackout

A couple days ago, I referred to the Jackson County legislature as “dominated by criminals“. A commenter questioned my description, and, to be completely fair (as always), the legislature is not necessarily, in fact, dominated by criminals. It is, however, influenced by criminals. And, in its infinite wisdom, the legislature has chosen to appoint two of its legislators with rap sheets to a three person committee handling every nickel of the COMBAT Fund, which gives those individuals unusually strong influence over the disbursements of the Legislature.

So, I’d like to retract my previous statement about the Jackson County legislature. I am not sure it is 100% fair to claim that it is dominated by criminals. Instead, I would prefer to make the 100% accurate claim that “In boom times or tight times, though, one thing remains constant – the Jackson County Legislature is scandalously under-regulated, influenced by criminals and defying local ethics oversight.”

My apologies for any confusion.

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