"Someday a Real Rain will Come . . ." – Day 80 of the Jackson County Ethics Blackout

From the phone calls and emails I’ve received, 2010 promises to be a watershed year for the Jackson County legislature. A new generation has taken over in Washington, and the 2010 Jackson County elections are the first opportunity for fresh blood to get transfused locally. Candidates choosing to run for the Jackson County legislature will face incumbents dogged by questions about why they have refused to accept Ethical Home Rule, and why they fear local oversight.

I’ve not been authorized to release any names, but a majority of the districts are going to see vigorous, serious challenges – some involving big names and solid experience. So, let’s take a little survey – assuming a viable, reasonably well-funded challenger, who do you think is most likely to lose in 2010? (The names are listed in alphabetical order.)If you choose to explain your vote, that’s what the comment section is for.

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