Get on the Ethics Commission – Day 66 of the Jackson County Ethics Blackout

At first, I was hesitant about whether people should get involved with the Jackson County Ethics Commission. Right now, the Commission is trapped between an ordinance that purports to limit the scope of that Commission’s duty, and the Jackson County Charter, which directs the Commission to ignore the purported limitations. It’s a difficult spot to step into.

We need great people on that Commission. If you are willing to help do the important work of bringing ethics to a County Legislature that will resist it like castor oil, then please go here to fill out the easy online application. Here are the simple criteria you must meet:

* I am a Jackson County resident and interested in serving as a member of the Jackson County Ethics Commission.
* I do not hold any other elective or full-time appointed public office.
* I do not hold any other County office or serve on another County board or commission.
* I am not an elected or appointed member of a local, state or national political party committee.
* I am not a member of any partisan or nonpartisan political club or organization that promotes candidates or issues.

While it’s not an official criteria, I would add one other to the list – “I have the integrity and backbone to stand up to bullying by ethics-fearing Jackson County legislators, and I will do my duty under the Charter rather than supporting the attempts of the Legislature’s leadership to shirk local oversight.”

Over the next several months, the Jackson County Ethics Code is going to be getting a lot of attention. Candidates will be announcing ethics-based campaigns against several of the entrenched incumbents. Perhaps even the Star will overcome its blind spot for Jackson County politics.

We need great people who are willing to stand up for ethics in Jackson County. If you, or someone you know, has the time and inclination to serve our community, please direct them to the Jackson County Ethics Selection Committee’s website.

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