Chiefs Trail Bourbon Barrel Quad

This would have been unthinkable a few years ago, but yesterday I completely forgot about the Chiefs game. Owen from the Pitch invited a few people to his family’s restaurant (Adrian’s Cafe, near Corporate Woods) to taste the latest release from Boulevard, and nobody even mentioned the game. Nobody had a radio on, and nobody asked if a TV was available. The Chiefs have achieved complete irrelevance in a town that once bled Chiefs red.

The good news is Boulevard Brewery is giving Kansas Citians something to bolster civic pride. Bourbon Barrel Quad is the latest in the Smokestack series, and it was worth the wait. Rich, chewy, raisiny, bourbon-noted, cherry, complex and overwhelming are the adjectives that came to this writer’s mind, but I’d recommend checking out the write-ups by Owen Morris (I assume he’ll post something today at Fat City), Wes Port of KC Beer Blog, and Chimpotle (nothing posted yet).

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