Claire McCaskill for DNC Chair – Stop Teasing Me!

Claire McCaskill’s name is being floated about as a possible Chair for the Democratic National Committee, replacing Howard Dean.

It’s a ridiculous thought on its face. McCaskill is the least loyal and least dependable democrat around. Back when she was in Missouri, she ran a hard primary campaign against an incumbent Democratic Governor, and her treachery accomplished nothing but setting herself up for a general election loss to Matt Blunt, the worst republican governor in the history of the midwest. Since winning her Senate seat, she has worn a WWJTD (What would Jim Talent Do?) bracelet, voting as a conservative Republican whenever she was needed. She gave Bush a blank check for the war, without any restrictions. She has joined with conservative republicans in abusing her Senate seat to attack free speech. She took an anti-American stand in favor of telecom immunity before she opposed it before she, again, ultimately sold us out. She even joined with Bush when Kit Bond abandoned him, because McCaskill opposed restoring the Everglades.

It’s just a tease, trying to offer me hope that we could somehow get rid of our worst Senator since John Ashcroft. Earlier, she had been mentioned as a possible Attorney General candidate, which would have been fine with me, too, but she quickly withdrew her name from consideration (darn it!). I liked the symmetry of Missouri’s two worst Senators both serving as Attorneys General, but fate did not smile so broadly. I also got excited when her name was floated as a possible veep for Obama - she could have a perfect way for Obama to embrace mainstream Republican values.

But, ultimately, we’re not going to get rid of Claire McCaskill so easily. Despite her reputation as a savvy campaigner, she failed to deliver Missouri for Obama in a blue tide year. And let’s never forget, SHE LOST TO MATT BLUNT!!!

She’s one of the wealthiest Senators in a wealthy Senate – let’s just hope she gets tired of dressing up every morning and voting Republican from the Democratic side of the aisle, and retires to some tropical island.

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