The 5th Birthday Party for Gone Mild

I’ve finally figured out the elaborate, secretive plans by the local politicos to observe Gone Mild’s 5th year.

Tonight, the CCP is holding its general membership meeting at Screenland to finally make its real endorsements. At least that’s the cover story.

In fact, what I think is going to happen is that, rather than going through lengthy balloting, etc., the membership will simply accept the fine work of the CCP selection committees. Those committees were composed of neutral CCP members who conducted rigorous screenings of the candidates, and they came up with the following list of recommended endorsements:

Treasurer: Clint Zweifel
44th State House: Jason Kander
Sheriff: John Bullard

Add on to those wise, informed choices the races that had been left to the Executive Committee (Nixon for Governor, Sam Page for Lieutenant Governor, Jeff Harris for AG and Jim Kanatzer for Prosecutor), and the voting ought to be completed in 3 minutes. Just in time for someone to bring in a huge birthday cake for Gone Mild, and time for someone to sing a breathy version of “Happy Birthday”, just like Marilyn Monroe did for JFK. I’m not sure who will do the singing, but I hope it’s not Bough . . .

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