Should I Be Feeling Guilty? Because I’m Not Feeling it . . .

This morning, I did a post about an email that my friend Beth Gottstein sent to the Executive Committee of the CCP to urge that committee to reject the findings of its own selection committee, and endorse Amy Coffman for the 44th District instead of Jason Kander.

It appears that my post may have upset Ms. Gottstein.

I just read over the post again, and I’m kind of at a loss. Nothing in my post is inaccurate. Nothing in my post is slanderous. Nothing in my post criticizes Amy Coffman (whom I genuinely like) or Beth. I did say she was trying to hijack the process, but it’s obviously accurate that she was trying to change the result at the last minute. Maybe hijack was a strong word, but not as strong as the words I’ve had directed at me this evening . . .

Now, that said, I do feel a little sheepish that I asked whether the Executive Committee would “follow Beth’s endorsement, or support the work of its own screening committee”. I should have mentioned that the third possibility is that they could vote their own opinions, which was the flamingly obvious course they in fact chose. It turns out that Amy Coffman won the support of a majority of the Executive Committee. (I did not arrive at the meeting in time to vote.)

The real CCP endorsements come after the entire membership votes in June. The CCP has a solid process – I look forward to seeing how this all works out.

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