Public Humiliation

I expected that some Republicans would be upset by my pointing out that they are hypocritical cowards if they have failed to volunteer to fight the optional war for which they voted. It is, admittedly, a provocative thesis.

I wasn’t, however, expecting a comment as downright stupid as this anonymous effort:

Yes, that is brilliant. Only soldiers who vote for the sitting president should fight. If only you had been 60 years earlier you could have issued your words of wisdom to Republican soldiers who did not vote for Roosevelt. I doubt even you can make sense of your incoherent statements. Had your man (sic) Kerry managed to win the war would be going no better, and in fact far worse. After all Kerry voted for the war, but you perhaps you can justify that action by claiming that he voted against it before he voted for it. You have no grasp of history, a liberal characteristic- read something aside from the NY Times, and other leftist publications, and you might find a viewpoint that originates from outside of the Upper East Side.

This comment is so wildly ridiculous that I thought I should address it in the body of the blog rather than in the relative privacy of the comments section. The gutless anonymous commenter deserves a little public embarassment.

First off, A, my comments are addressed to Republicans who are not soldiers. That was the point. If you claim to support this president and his optional war, then you should become a soldier. If you oppose this president and his neo-con lunacy, then you are not under a similar obligation.

Your attempt to liken this war with WWII is offensive and historically inaccurate. The United States entered WWII only after being attacked by Japan. Does Pearl Harbor ring a bell? And then, we went to war against Japan, not some other nation that was more convenient or that possessed more impressive oil reserves.

Even then, though, Americans of all stripes enlisted, just as I am calling upon the Republicans to do. There was also a massive draft, which may well be coming to Bush’s America, but has not been announced yet. Republicans enlisted or were drafted after our country went to war with nations that had attacked us, and did not doubt the legitimacy of the war. Perhaps, A, your family had a different experience, and your family has a long history of cowardice extending back to WWII, but most Americans acknowledge that WWII was a legitimate war, not a neo-con white paper come to life.

Your attacks on Senator Kerry are bizarre. Are you attempting to question his manhood? If so, why? Please explain.

Finally, your attack on my grasp of history and on the breadth of my reading is humorous, in light of your comlete misunderstanding of WWII, and in light of the fact that the article I linked to came from the coast opposite the Upper East Side. I have no idea what you read, and I don’t care to speculate, but I hope that whatever it is, you do so with a great deal more insight and intelligence than you brought to my blog.

The quagmire that your president has created could be helped out if trolls like you would step away from your keyboards and head on down to the recruiting stations. We’re waiting. Anything else is just hot air and cowardice.

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