A Unique View of Bolivian History Being Made

Just yesterday morning, I urged readers to check out Blog for Bolivia. Since then, turmoil has continued in that impoverished, foreign-dominated, landlocked country, and the head of the Supreme Court has taken over the Presidency on an interim basis. Civil war has been postponed – it remains to be seen whether it has been averted.

I renew my suggestion that you visit Blog for Bolivia, but this time I urge you to check out the comments. There, you will see individuals debating the future of the nation. You will see rumors flying about US troops massing on the border, and arguments about whether “the people” want a revolution.

Most of us don’t care about Bolivia, I know, and most of us couldn’t find it on a map. But this is live drama with high stakes – it makes for compelling reading. If you pray, pray for peace in Bolivia.

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