New Music

I might as well face it – my music taste began atrophying in 1982, when I left WRUC and began my march toward Middle Age. Now, I’m approaching 45, and I don’t go to shows (except for occasional jazz, but that’s different) – there’s always work in the morning, and the tickets are expensive, and parking’s a hassle, and I hate to be the oldest one there, and I’ve never heard of that group, and . . .

Fact is, I’m in shocking danger of being one of those old idiots who listens to Bob Seger and whose last new music discovery was Concrete Blonde.

That’s why I’m like a kid in a candy store thanks to Thrasher. After his great compilation of Hunter Thompson appreciation, he links to the lineup at the South by Southwest festival in Austin. Tons of amazing new music by artists I’ve never heard of. Sam gave me a few recommendations, including Kaiser Chiefs, Crooked Fingers and M. Ward. I happened upon a few great finds, like Alex Skolnick Trio and Kansas City’s own Doris Henson.

Thanks, Thrasher. Rust never sleeps, but you don’t have to be rusty in your mid-forties.

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