Damned Fools and their Money

I have not posted on the Terri Schiavo case, mostly because it is so sad and awful and the odds of me adding anything to the debate or swaying an opinion are approximately zero.

But the latest twist in that case illustrates a broader truth that warrants a comment. “A man fighting to have a feeding tube removed from his brain-damaged wife on Friday rejected a California businessman’s offer to pay him $1 million to give up his right to decide her medical treatment.

The fact that a right-wing millionaire would even think of such a scheme is despicable. Do they really think that guardianships are or should be up for sale? Do they really believe that this man’s love for his wife can or should be sold?

They just don’t get it – they have absolutely no understanding of what Michael Schiavo is going through. In their minds, they would probably do it.

A mildly humorous aspect of this awful case is that it’s not really Michael Schiavo’s decision anyhow at this stage. The court has determined what her wishes were, and has ordered that they be carried out. Michael Schiavo could take that immoral pig’s money and it wouldn’t change a thing.

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